Ten Ways To Fall Victim To Shiny Object Syndrome

February 28, 2023by Caleb Wininger
Tell me if any of this sounds familiar to you?
  1. You see a colleague start a second business, and it appears to be going well.
  2. You see a colleague start using a new software that seems to do cool stuff.
  3. A peer in your industry raves about a new course they just signed up for.
  4. You go to an industry event and come away with 100 new ideas that are amazing.
  5. A new piece of equipment comes out that appears to perform better than what you already have.
  6. You hear of a company that has experienced massive growth because of “one simple change”.
  7. You hear a peer in your industry explain that focusing on a certain social media platform is yielding huge returns.
  8. So-and-so hired a vendor to handle such-and-such, and so have a bunch of other people, and the vendor is more awesome than your current vendor.
  9. The hottest new business book is more impactful than the one you’ve been trying to finish for the last two months.
  10. A new influencer is making moves in your industry, sharing their best tips, and wants you to join their group, subscribe to their podcast, and follow them on social.
I see it all the time with home service business owners- they leapfrog from topic to topic, project to project, focus to focus, never truly completing the thing they were JUST working on (that, a few weeks ago, was so important that they bailed on the PREVIOUS project or solution they were working on).
“Shiny objects” are almost always just that- distractions. There’s a solid chance you have one or two things going on in your business RIGHT NOW that deserve almost 100% of your attention. Anything else is most likely a distraction.
Here’s how you avoid the trap of Shiny Object Syndrome:
  1. Get VERY clear on your business’s biggest 1-3 problems.
  2. Make a pact with yourself that you won’t act on ANYTHING new until you reach a significant solution to those 1-3 problems.
  3. Get someone to hold you accountable to that commitment (coach, mentor, spouse, team member, etc.)
  4. Repeat steps 1-3.

Staying focused on what you do best, going wide and not deep, is the surest way to see your goals through to their completion.